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Pediatric Sleep Consulting by Tiffany

About Me

Tiffany Borucki - certified sleep sense consultant
Tiffany is a Sleep Sense Certified Consultant

Hi, I'm Tiffany

As a mom and former pediatric nurse, I know it's hard to deal with a baby who doesn't sleep. I know because that was my story. I was spending nights staying up too late with my baby. I dealt with nighttime wakeups and all-night feedings. And then I'd have to grind out another tired and exhausting day at work. I felt tired, frustrated, and confused. How on earth could I keep this up? I knew there had to be a better way to get the sleep we needed.


We finally joined the over 100,000 parents who follow the proven Sleep Sense™ framework, and our lives changed forever! Our babies slept 12 hours a night. They took reliable naps during the day. They didn't wake us anymore or need nighttime feedings. My husband and I found more quality time to ourselves in the evenings. My babies were happier. My husband and I felt better. And we enjoyed quality time as a family. For us, the help we got replaced frustrating and cranky with confidence and energy.


It worked so well that I wanted to help other parents with their child-sleep problems. This is why I started Nest At Rest Pediatric Sleep Consulting. As a Sleep Sense™ certified coach, I help families get their little one to sleep through the night and take long daytime naps!


If you feel like I felt, and you've been trying to fix your child's broken sleep without the results, I invite you to book a free consultation.


With a personalized family plan and daily support from me, we'll teach your child to sleep better, as little as two nights.


Together, let's give your family the sleep it deserves!

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